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Baja Shop 8114 Green Rd Hubbardsville 691-6415
Bargain Basket Thrift Shop Green St. Earlville 691-9519
Beneco Inc 24 S Main St Earlville 691-2500
Black Cat Antiques and Gifts 14 E Main St Earlville 691-5721
Burgess & Tedesco Funeral Homes, Inc. 3 Preston Earlville 691-2462

C & R Electric W. Main St. Earlville 691-5731
C & R Stables, Inc. Moscow Hill Rd. Hubbardsville 691-3315
Campell Applicators 21 Green Earlville 691-5718
Canaan Campground Green Rd. Hubbardsville 691-2005
Century 21/Countryside Realty S Main St Earlville 691-2100
Charlie's Garage Taylor Ave Earlville 691-9090
Chim-Chimney LTD Chimney Sweep 691-9521
Citiscape Landscaping 5974 S Lebanon Rd Earlville 691-4900
Community Center LLC of Earlville 39 Fayette Earlville
Community Development Program Village 8 N Main St Earlville 691-3132
Computel Consultants 18 E Main St Earlville 691-4310
Corey's Real Estate 15 N Main St Earlville 691-3011
Cornell Cooperative Extension Farm Home & 4-H Center Morrisville 684-3001

David E. Sonn Attorney at Law 72 South Main St Earlville 691-9849

Earlville American Legion N Main St Earlville 315-750-4232
Earlville Bowling Alley Hi-Skor Lanes Clyde Earlville 691-3211
Earlville Collision 48 S Main St Earlville 691-3368
Earlville Free Library N Main St Earlville 691-5931
Earlville Little M Inc 8 E Main St Earlville 691-4211
Earlville Opera House 16 E Main St Earlville 691-3550
Earlville Paper Box Company Inc 19 Clyde Earlville 691-2131

Earlville Village
-Police Department 315-691-2030
-Village Hall / Clerk 315-691-2121
-Judge's Office 315-691-6020
-Village Water Department and Garage 315-691-2353

Fire Department Emergency 911
-Fire Department Non-Emergency 315-691-2211
First Baptist Church 9 W Main St Earlville 691-4301
Frontier Communications 800-921-8101

H & R Block 15 N Main St Earlville 691-2011
Hairs Desire 2 W Main St Earlville 691-4893
Hamilton Transfer Station Cranston Rd Hamilton 691-5700
Huf Brau 4 W Main St Earlville 691-3300

J & C Enterprises Vosburg Rd Earlville 691-6233
Jackson Robert C II DDS PC 59 N Main St Earlville 691-6502
Jewitt's Cheese House Earlville Rd Earlville 691-5858 800-638-3836

Ken's Farm Repair Poolville Rd Earlville 691-2927

Lambert's Building Repair 478 Route 12B S Hamilton 691-4443

Main Street Collectibles 14 E Main St Earlville 691-5721
Methodist Church 20 N Main St Earlville 691-2114
Methodist Parsonage 29 N Main St Earlville 691-5824
Mid York Appraisal Service 15 N Main St Earlville 691-3011
Moscow Hill General Store Moscow Hill Rd Hubbardsville 691-3315

NBT Bank 2 S Main St Earlville 691-2976
NYSEG NY State Electric & Gas Customer Service 800-572-1111
NYSEG NY State Electric & Gas Electric Interruption/Emergency 800-572-1131
NYSEG NY State Electric & Gas Natural Gas Odor/Emergency 800-572-1121
NYSEG NY State Electric & Gas Automated Account Info 800-600-2275
New York Susquehanna & Western Railroad E Main St Earlville 691-2921
Norma's Hair Styling Shop Hubbardsville 691-4933

O M Jones Excavating 31 E Main St Earlville 691-6300

Park City Builder of NY Inc River Rd Hamilton 691-2366
Pizza Plus II 7 S Main St Earlville 691-4709
Poolville Country Store 1245 Earlville Rd Poolville 691-2677
Poolville Volunteer Fire Dept Wiley Rd Earlville 691-9739
Prestige Autobody Repair 37 W Main St Earlville 691-5738

Quickway 53 S Main St Earlville 691-2002

Rhinevault Surveyors PC Earlville 691-2511

Senior Citizen Center 1 N Main St Earlville 691-6515
Sherburne-Earlville School District 315-674-7300
-Elementary Main Office 315-674-7336
-Middle School Main Office 315-674-7350
-High School Main Office 315-674-7380
Sheriff Emergency 911
-Sheriff Non-Emergency 315-334-2000

Town of Hamilton Highway Garage Cranston Rd Hamilton 691-5152

United States Post Office 13332 11 South Main Street 315-691-4141

Village Cafe 5 E Main St Earlville 691-2233
Village Pizza 7 S Main St Earlville 691-4000

Village of Earlville: See Earlville (above)

Von Bank Collision & Service Sherburne - Earlville Rd. Earlville 691-2472

Wilson's Service Station 51 S Main St Earlville 691-5131
Wissenbach Land Surveying E Main St Earlville 691-6004
Businesses, Organizations, and Services
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