Where is Earlville?
If you are not familiar with Central New York, no doubt you have
asked the question "Where is Earlville?" And if you are from the area
you have probably been asked the same question countless times.

The village can easily be found by looking on a New York map
between Poolville and Sherburne. If you are unfamiliar with those
locations, look between Hamilton and Norwich. Still unfamiliar, look
between Utica/Rome and Binghamton... or between Canada and
Pennsylvania... and if you still can't find Earlville, better ask
somebody for directions.

If you don't know your world geography before coming to Earlville, you will quickly learn because
Earlville is practically in the middle of national and international locations. Earlville is closer than you
think to Rhode Island (23 miles), Ohio (60 miles), Oregon (80 miles), Baltimore (39 miles), Maine (63
miles), Denver (92 miles), Mexico (82 miles), Paris (26 miles), Rome (40 miles), Poland (50 miles),
Frankfort (46 miles), Vienna (41 miles), Norway (57 miles), Athens (158 miles), Russia (51 miles),
Lebanon (neighbor), Arabia (55 miles), Cairo (120 miles), Delhi (61 miles), and Sidney [sic] (44 miles),
just to name a few places. Look on the map for many more.*

But somewhat more seriously, though small, Earlville can easily be found by looking in the center of a
triangle formed by three major highways in New York: Route 90 going east/west, Route 81 going
north/south, and Route 88 going northeast/southwest. Earlville is located on Route 12B just 5 miles
south of Hamilton, 4 miles north of Sherburne, or 20 miles north of Norwich. Coming from the south,
find a way to get on Route 12 and keep going straight on Route 12B after Sherburne when Route 12
bears right. Coming from the north, again find a way to get on Route 12B which will take you through
Hamilton and go directly to Earlville. Or get on Route 12 and drive to the Sherburne intersection with
12B and turn north to Earlville.

Where is Earlville from these New York cities?

Utica is 36 miles and 50 minutes north.
Syracuse is 47 miles and 75 minutes northwest.
Binghamton is 60 miles and 80 minutes south.
Albany is 130 miles and 2-1/2 hours east.
Rochester is 138 miles and 2-1/2 hours west-northwest.
Buffalo is 200 miles and 3-1/2 hours west.
New York City is 232 miles and 4 hours south.

Need better directions? With the internet (you are clearly familiar with it since you are reading this),
you may go to your favorite map site and enter Earlville, NY 13332 and it will be mapped out for you in
seconds. To get directions from your home should you want to visit, just follow the entry instructions
and a course will be mapped for you.

*Yes, these distances are correct - for the named locations in the state of New York. Look on the map to verify!
The shape of the
Village of Earlville