Water Project Facts

Water Project Facts

How Much Will It Cost?

Where Will The Money Come From?
The mayor and Village board don't know.  But it has to come from property owners and taxpayers, through higher taxes, AND all Village Residents and water customers through higher water bills.  We haven't been told exactly.  But the Village will have to borrow the money.

How Much Will It Cost Earlville Residents?
That question has never been answered.  IF a $500,000 grant is received, the cost will be $2,985,000.  The official website of the Village of Earlville states that the cost will then be $2,970,000 and will cost the AVERAGE property owner an extra $140 per year.  IF a $500,000 grant is NOT received, then the $140.00 would likely be over $163.00 per year increase.

There is still a problem with the numbers.  Doing simple math, there is $15,000 missing.  Where would it come from?
That has not been decided yet.

Has The Grant Been Approved?
Up until a recent posting on the official website of the Village of Earlville, a $500,000 grant was hoped for but not approved saying "This project, initially funded pending approval of a loan and grant from USDA Rural Development..."  The official website of the Village of Earlville now states as of December 30, 2008, "the village has received written confirmation (dated Dec. 29, 2008) that 'a loan in the amount of $2,970,000 and a grant in the amount of $500,000 were approved by Rural Development for the construction and upgrade of the water system.' "  The clerk apparently put this on the website - this has not been stated in a public meeting.  This is unverified last minute information because of pressure being put on the local government officials for answers. 

The $140.03 quote from the Fact Sheet.  Will we see that in our tax bill?
Even the Village of Earlville website doesn't answer that question.  Pressed for an answer at meetings, none has ever been given, other than in a meeting we were told "it is illegal to increase taxes that much."  It is unknown if that statement is true and/or what amount increase in taxes is legal.

What is the tax increase going to be?
The official website of the Village of Earlville and other information from the Village of Earlville's mayor and board state that this reflects a tax increase of $140 per year for the owner of a Madison County property assessed at $55,585 and a increase of $140 per year for the owner of a Chenango County property assessed at $54,229.  For Madison County, that "average" owner is now paying $553.50.  $140.00 increase is a 25.5% TAX INCREASE!   Adding the $140.00 to the present tax bill would make a tax bill total of $693.50.  Remember, a 25.5% increase.  Property that is assessed higher, will pay MORE THAN $140.00 tax increase, but still a 25.5% increase.   So, if your property is assessed at $110,000, you will have to pay $240.00 a year MORE in a Tax Increase.

(IF a $500,000 grant is NOT received, then the $140.00 would likely be over $163.00 per year increase, resulting in a 29.5% tax increase!)

If taxes can't be increased 25%-30%, then what are the alternatives?
The Village board and mayor have not said where the money will really come from.  An alternative may be a much larger water bill with either a base surcharge and/or large increase in cost per gallon of water.

I Am A Renter.  How Will It Affect Me?
It all depends on the agreement with your landlord and how your landlord will want to pay the increases.  Your landlord may have to increase rent because of increased taxes and water bills.  If you pay your own water, your water bill may go up, depending on the final decisions of the Village mayor and board.

When will the Village of Earlville mayor and board tell us how much it will cost in increased taxes and water bills?
That question has not been answered.

Why are there so many unanswered questions?
Good question!  These questions haven't been answered by the mayor or village board over 3 years of meetings.  There will be confusing information when there is no real plan.  There are no answers where there is no real plan.

MISSING:  How much will taxes increase - the real numbers?

MISSING:  How much will the water bill increase?

MISSING:  Where is the money really going to come from?

FACT:  $140.00 reflects a 25.5% Tax Increase!

FACT:  Taxes and Water Bills will increase a lot.

FACT:  This will affect every Village of Earlville property
owner and resident, whether owner or renter.


FACT:  No Real Plan.

Then, how should I vote?

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