Mystery Letter

A letter from "the health department" was mentioned in New York Supreme Court November 25 by the Village attorney.  Before this time, there was no other mention in the public forum.  Although mayor Campbell, trustee Excel, and clerk Vischi all said (December 3 in the public hearing) it had been reported at other meetings, attendees of the meetings did not recall any mention, and no record of the letter was found in meeting minutes posted online on the Official Village Of Earlville website.

A copy of the letter, dated August 1, 2008, was obtained.  All meeting minutes after that date have no mention of a letter from the health department. 

A misconception that the Village government seems to be propagating is that the letter is condemning the village water system. 

The letter reiterates the findings of the engineering study and supports the work that is proposed.  The letter is a letter of support to aid in finding funding and loans to fund the proposed project. 

You may view the 4 pages of the letter here:

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