Facts About
The Village of Earlville
Earlville is part of two counties, Madison to the north and Chenango
to the south.

Earlville border is within two towns: Hamilton in Madison County,
and Sherburne, in Chenango County. And Earlville provides services
for two other towns: Lebanon, in Madison County, and Smyrna, in
Chenango County.

The area of Earlville is less than two square miles (1.1 square miles
according to some sources).

The population of Earlville is 791 (2000 census).

The population of Earlville zip code 13332 area is 2400, much
different from the village population. (2000 census).

There are around 325 houses.

The village of Earlville is included in the Sherburne-Earlville school

The common Earlville telephone prefix of 691-xxxx includes parts of
Hamilton, Hamilton Center, Hubbardsville, Lake Craine, Lebanon,
Poolville, Randallsville, Sherburne, and Smyrna... maybe others.

The Earlville zip code 13332 area covers an area much larger than
the Village of Earlville. Therefore, you may write a letter to someone
who "lives" in Earlville (has an Earlville mailing address), but the
residence is actually in another town and may even have a different
phone number prefix and area code.

How did all these interesting and unique divisions and inclusions
happen? Look at the history of the area to learn that.
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