Earlville Observations
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Small Town experiences and Central New York weather.
Rainbow over Earlville, a beautiful and
common sight.

Rain with the sun, snow with the sun, and
a full moon during a snow or a rain.

The area where it sometimes seems the
barometer is a constant 28.92.

Spring to autumn morning fog that
sometimes lasts until about 10:30 in the

Sign of arrival of winter: the morning fog
changes to snow.

Snow flurries sometimes lasting all day.

Sign of the arrival of spring: snow flurries
change to fog.

Putting the screens in the windows - just
in time to take them out again.

A forecast of snow flurries means to
expect at least 2 inches of snow, snow
showers means to expect at least 8 inches
of snow, and snow storm means... well,
stay inside.

Weather predictions calling for a certain
percentage chance of precipitation is
really translated to mean that there will be
precipitation for that percentage of the
, whether rain or snow. (Example:
weather calls for 30% chance of snow, it
will snow 30% of the day. Remember, a
day being defined as a 24 hour period.)

Antique cars along the "classic car
corridor" of Route 12B.

Tree-lined streets.

Front porches, sidewalks, and neighbors
that use both.

Mailed packages and special deliveries
are still brought to your door instead of
just delivering a notice for pickup.

Yes there is more than just Main Street -
North Main Street, South Main Street,
East Main Street, West Main Street.

All directions are given from the traffic

3-foot long Dandelions!