What is the REAL STORY?

Facts and Commentary

What is the real story?

Keep in mind this question as you read the following, along with the other information on this website:

How can we trust the information from the mayor, Village board, and clerk of the Village of Earlville when the information keeps changing, even just days away from the vote?

The mayor and Village board members promised that any water project would be taken to the residents' vote.  They broke their promise.  The people petitioned it,  The mayor and Village of Earlville government fought it.  The Supreme Court of New York State ordered it.  The elected officials, representatives and servants of the people keep fighting the very same people they are supposed to be representing and serving.  Why?

Now, just days before the vote, the mayor signed the latest "Earlville Chronicle" that has DIFFERENT INFORMATION from what has been presented all along.  What is going on?  What is the real information?  How much will it really cost?  Does the mayor know?  Apparently not, since the numbers she is giving in the "Chronicle" are different from the official website of the Village of Earlville.

The official website of the Village of Earlville and other information from the Village of Earlville's mayor and board state that this reflects a tax increase of $140 per year for the owner of a Madison County property assessed at $55,585 and a increase of $140 per year for the owner of a Chenango County property assessed at $54,229.

But, now, last minute, the mayor changes these numbers in the "Chronicle" stating "$140 per year for the $60,000-homeowner."  This is approximately a 9% difference, a huge percentage difference hardly keeping accurate for those who will be paying the bill.

And the mayor lately keeps bringing up a health issue.  Is there a health issue?  The mayor brings up the topic of a health issue but then says there is no health issue.  Why?  She seems to be trying to create one by saying "the potential is there."  So profound - "the potential is there."  Stick to the facts and stop trying to put scary ideas out to the public.

These pages sort all the misinformation and the changing information given by the mayor, clerk, and board, and lets the voters know the missing information in order to put together the real story.  This will help the voters to be informed so they will know the truth now and not be surprised later.

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